Founded in 1994, P.P.E. – Planeamento e Projectos de Engenharia, Lda operates in the area of the Design and development of Structural Engineering Projects, having as Clients both Private and Public Institutions.

P.P.E. is committed to serve every Client in an efficient way, based on its experience, supported on the capacity of its staff and also on up-to-date technologies.

The primary objective of the company is to provide Services in the field of Structural and Foundations Engineering, in a responsible way, and aiming the best solution, economically viable and with the minimum environmental impact, producing rigorous and quality Projects, according with the Client’s needs.

The participation in numerous projects, in several markets, gives an accumulated experience that allows P.P.E. to assume a relevant roll in its intervention area.

Aware of the demanding limits of Engineering, P.P.E. works constantly searching for the best structural solution, bearing in mind the local and temporal reality exclusive to each project.