With a strong and committed with the company‘s values team, P.P.E. concentrates its attention in the search of rationalization and optimization of solutions, meeting established deadlines and taking into consideration the required flexibility to adapt its services to the customer’s needs.

The permanent company staff includes Structural Engineers, CAD Operators and Quantity Surveyors, skilled in the areas of Structural Engineering and supported by Administrative Staff.

All the development of the Design and professional work is based on the most recent work practices in what concerns technology and methodology.

The staff of P.P.E. is covered by a Professional Liability Insurance, valid both inside Portugal and foreign countries, established with an International Insurance Company.

Whenever requested, P.P.E. provides also consultancy and services in other fields of Engineering, taking full responsibility for the whole range of projects of the work, supported in its consolidated partnership with external consultants with proven technical experience.

Structures and Foundations
Retaining Walls and Excavation Design
Façades Stabilization Structures
Demolition Design
Public Road/Street Occupation
Strengthening and Rehabilitation of Structures
Structures/Buildings Monitoring
and Instrumentations Plans
Structural Project Revision and Verification